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Sayabouri is situated in the north  west of Lao; sharing borders with Vientiane and Luang Prabang in the east and  Thailand in the West.Sayabouri is the most attractive destinations with sights  and charms peculiar to itself and picturesque North-west region.There are many  beautiful things to see in Sayabouri. The principal town in commonly called  Muang Sayabouri, where many impressive temples such as Wat Ban Thin, Wat Ban  Phapoun and Wat Ban Natonoy are located
The landscape of Sayabouri is magnificent by several peaks altitudes of more  than 1000 meters; the meadows and pastures with flower in full boom; the thick  and tangled virgin forests etc.
The area of Muang Phieng, such as Ban Fainamtan, Ban Nakhem and Ban Nampoui have  a tradition of agriculture because the land is fertile suitable for agricultural  production; particularly rice, water melons, cabbages and sugar cane.