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Browse our website for Vietnam tour packages, Vietnam Cambodia tours or if you would like to design your own holiday, we would be very happy to assist you customize the tour that best suits your interest, schedule and budget with many Featured Vietnam Travel Deals. "Beauty Vietnam Cambodia tours" covers all the highlights in Vietnam and Cambodia.

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    Vietnam Currency

Dông (VND; symbol). Notes are in denominations of: 500,000; 200,000; 100,000; 50,000; 20,000; 10,000; 5,000; 2,000; 1,000; 500; 200 and 100. Coins are in denominations of: 5,000; 2,000; 1,000 and 500.


Currency Exchange
The US Dollar is the most favoured foreign currency. Australian, British, Japanese, Singaporean and Thai currency, as well as the Euro, can usually be changed in the larger cities; great difficulty may be encountered in trying to exchange any other currencies. There is a commission charge for changing money in banks.

Note: you may do an exchange US Dollar at the jewllery shops in Hanoi and Hochiminh city


Credit/Debit Cards and ATMs
An increasing number of outlets accept MasterCard and Visa. However, outside main towns and cities, it is wise to carry cash. There are ATMs in many major towns , but not everywhere.

ATMs are available in Hanoi , Halong bay, Dien Bien Phu, SonLa, CaoBang, LangSon , HaiPhong, Thai Binh, Thanh Hoa , Vinh, Hue, HoiAn old town, Danang , Nhatrang, CamRanh, Dalat, Kontum, Buon Ma Thuot, Hochiminh city, CanTho, ChauDoc, HaTien, CaMau.


Traveller's Cheques
These are widely accepted in hotels and banks. To avoid additional exchange ratecharges, travellers are advised to take traveller's cheques in US Dollars.
Currency Restrictions
Restrictions apply.


Banking Hours
Mon-Fri 0730/0800-1130 and 1300-1600.


Exchange Rate Indicators (July 2008)
1 USD = 17.800 VND , 1 £ = 33.500VND , 1 € = 26.000VND
The exchange bureau are availale at the airport in Hanoi, Hochiminh city.

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